Turbo Prop aircraft charter

Turbo props are propeller driven aircraft with a jet engine powering the propeller instead of a piston engine. For a luxurious yet high value aircraft charter option, consider turbo props to provide private luxury travel for small to medium size groups travelling within New Zealand or for short haul international flights.

Turbo prop aircraft can utilise shorter runways than some of their jet aircraft alternatives. For you this means they have greater access to more remote destinations.

These aircraft are ideal for charters of up to four hours, making them ideal for travelling to multiple destinations around New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.


Planning travel for an executive group to regional or metropolitan locations? Or do you need a custom itinerary for your next private getaway?

Turbo props can cater for individual travellers through to larger groups travelling for business or leisure to many destinations. Additional services including flight attendants and on-board catering can all be taken care of by your Charter Manager as they plan your charter journey.


INFLITE Charters have New Zealand's largest fleet of turbo prop aircraft available for charter. From smaller specialist aircraft for individual travellers up to larger specialist aircraft for corporate groups. Our range of turbo prop aircraft are ideal for business travellers and corporate groups, as well as discerning leisure and adventure travellers. Providing you with an enjoyable and stress free experience from the time of your first enquiry through to the moment you arrive safe and relaxed at your destination.

Our sleek Jetstream J32 is a popular charter proving ideal for smaller groups - up to 19 passengers - or couples and families wanting more cabin space. Or enjoy the luxury of private scenic flights on our Pilatus PC6.

For larger groups we have turbo prop options seating up 50 passengers before it may be more appropriate to move to a private jet charter.

our CHARTER service promise

INFLITE Charters provides a dedicated Charter Manager available 24/7 for the duration of your travel experience. Your Charter Manager is effectively your 'protective blanket' during your journey.

We work to ensure your charter service and travel experience is planned and executed without incident and caters to your needs no matter how simple or complex.

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