VIP Charter flights

Helicopters have the flexibility of point-to-point travel and the versatility to land at hotels, downtown helipads, private properties and difficult to reach destinations.

INFLITE Charters VIP service addresses a range of individual requirements for you, or your VIP guest, from check-in at private terminals to providing additional security measures ensuring privacy and discretion for the duration of your charter service.

With New Zealand’s largest fleet of private luxury aircraft INFLITE Charters is guaranteed to have the best travel solution for you. Talk to our Charter Management team about your individual requirements and let us take care of the detail.


INFLITE Charters provides a dedicated Charter Manager available 24/7 for the duration of your travel experience. Your Charter Manager is effectively your 'protective blanket' during your journey.

We work to ensure your charter service and travel experience is planned and executed without incident and caters to your needs no matter how simple or complex.

INFLITE Charters - Taking you beyond flying