Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charters offer the flexibility of point-to-point travel getting you, and your group, directly to where you need to be in luxury, comfort and style.

The versatility of helicopters allows you to land in both remote areas and busy city centres and get access to exclusive experiences such as heli-fishing, heli-skiing, private island dining – even landing on an active volcano!

INFLITE Charters are service leaders and have New Zealand's largest fleet of private helicopters available for your next charter. Talk to one of our dedicated Charter Managers, we will take care of you.

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Planning a helicopter charter?

Private helicopter charter and hire is ideal for a wide variety of travel purposes across both business and leisure needs. Whether you require a direct transfer from an airport terminal to the city centre, a remote work site or luxury lodge, through to exclusive experiences such as heli-fishing, glacier landings or a private fly and dine celebration with your special someone.

Helicopter charter options are suitable for both individual travellers and larger groups and can form part of a multi-destination itinerary requiring both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft.

Inflite helicopter charter services

INFLITE Charters have New Zealand’s largest fleet of private luxury helicopters with sizes and specifications to match every requirement. We operate throughout New Zealand making us your first choice for helicopter charters.

Your INFLITE Charter Manager will customise your charter to suit your needs whether it is a scenic flight, group event, media or business trip, or a grand entrance at your next event. Your Charter Manager takes care of the planning and coordination so you don’t need too. They can also make recommendations to take your charter to the next level of luxury and comfort and ensure your experience is everything you expected and more.


INFLITE Charters provides a dedicated Charter Manager available 24/7 for the duration of your travel experience. Your Charter Manager is effectively your 'protective blanket' during your journey.

We work to ensure your charter service and travel experience is planned and executed without incident and caters to your needs no matter how simple or complex.

INFLITE Charters - Taking you beyond flying.


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